perfect sofa-bed?

February 11, 2007 § Leave a comment

Really, is there something that could be a perfect bad and a perfect sofa without making one of them less confortable? All sofa beds i’ve seen (perhaps not enough) just are a perfect sofa that has an option to make into a bed ocasionally but please don’t ask for any confort because you first need to get it unfolded- you get lots of thiny iron legs, then you need to put on some sheets then get the eiderdown and put it on, a whole process that takes minutes and minutes and the man today doesn’t want all that hassle.

Like me, anybody would probably want to get to the bathroom to brush his teeth and when leaving the room to press a button next to the light swich, named “bedroom”. And when he gets back, the bad is layd already, the night lights are turned on and the courtains are rolled in place. Wouldn’t that be great? Yes, it would.

Jaco Modern Queen Sofa BedTaking a look on the internet only one sofa-bed was on my liking and I would surely try it first because from here it doesn’t look very confortable. I mean I don’t see the consistence of a bed, as I see it when I look for modern bed sets. Here it is an animation of the way it works:

As this one is a very nice example of a sofa-bed but still for ocasions, when you have over-night guests, and not for night by night sleeping, I tried to find something else. I don’t need by all means a sofa-bed, I only need a space saver for a bedroom-livingroom and a solution with a wall-bed would be really nice if it looked like this:

Atoll wall bed with corner sofa

which turns into this:

Atoll wall bed with corner sofa (opened)

It looks very stylish and unlike usual such designs and actually it is the winner of the Best Innovation Award at the NEC “Collection” Furniture Show 2006.

The only thing I dislike and I don’t know if it’s fair from my side to be that critique, is that the sofa goes under the bed, folding down as the bed comes over it. The issue is that there is a waste of materials and ultimately money as the sofa could make the upper part of the bed. This is mainly because different people have different sofa tastes and any sofa should be able to be placed there.

I have some ideas of how something like that should look like and i’ve made a sketch quickly so you can see what I mean. Here it is:

A different kind of wall-bed, personal concept

I would really like to hear your opinions and if anyone likes it and can use a CAD tool to make a better sketch i’d be glad to put it online.

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