Space, the final frontier…

February 9, 2007 § 3 Comments

These are the adventures of a self proclaimed designer(me) always in search for confortable, beautiful and functional stuff. I was thinking today that I always hated Acrylic furniture, that plastic looking, cold, slicky and without any personality… “something”. Not that fast!

When designing a small place actually transparent furniture offer a sense of space, of freedom, where light gets in and fills everything of joy and warmth, bringing life even to those lifeless plastic things. I only had to take a tour on web and try to learn something about this.

I saw a few interesting disparate pieces of furniture but nowhere near any contemporary interior design you see in magazines. One of these pieces is this chair from :

acrylic chair

Unfortunately it didn’t change my opinion in a semnificative way and still remain at the belief that acrylic furniture is difficult to fit in a modern design that includes wood and fabric sofa covers. I wish someone prove me wrong and come with some pictures of nice interior design containing acrylic pieces of furniture that blend seamlesssly into the decor.

Acrylic furniture could be usefull for some shelves, chairs or coffee tables but the designer should be brilliant to make it stunning.

At least to please me 😉

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