The perfect cube project is about building the best environment for each of us to thrive and evolve to the level that we pursue. It’s about liaising on the knowledge of our ancestors and the brilliant minds of our times and short-circuit getting there, pushing the limits and then helping others follow. It’s about blending our human space needs within the environment in a sincere, respectful and ever more symbiotic relationship.

Perfect cube is the place I talk about how things should be improved in functionality and design so that every one of us has a better, greener life, more comfortable and eye-pleasing. A lot of design, functionality issues, ergonomics and usability from a personal point of view.

It started out of my own desires, things i wanted to improve for my own use, to fit my needs and which have come to existence or only remained tagged “when i’ll have time”.


Comments are very much welcomed but I will consider spam all general-purpose comments that can as well come from scripts, self-advertisers hiding behind kind words and so on. If you liked an article then please make constructive comments, start a discussion, ask a question (I try to answer all questions* and respond to all comments that don’t fit into my “spam” category).

Thanks for your understanding.

*) Please don’t ask for quotes or specific information about the products you see here, I don’t sell them or manufacture them nor am I a representative of the companies that produce them.


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  • I do a lot of projects that involve recycling old items to give them a new life and purpose rather than throwing them on the rubbish heap!

  • Another recycled craft or diy project

  • realthor says:

    Hi Janice and welcome to perfectcube. I took alook at the stuff there and love it. Keep up the good work.

  • Heyokah ShadowOfLight says:

    I am kinda like you. I am different that I keep my ideas to myself. I would like to share my ideas with a group of people that will put these ideas to use for the benefit of the poor and third world countries. I do not want them to be owned by the corporate world. Most of my ideas are there for a green world that will help the unprivileged live a better than good life, and protect / restore what Allah (Jehovah, God, The God of Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Mohammad, The great Spirit) gave us as a gift in the world we live in. Some of my ideas are for hot stuff that is for survival that could be targeted for making money to finance the other ideas. I love your site and your collections. I would like to know you expertise and background to see if we can truly get things done. PS my true name is in my email. This is the name that I hold to my soul and live my life by.

  • realthor says:

    It was really great to read your comment. I am glad you think of helping others in a way or another. I choose to make it a collaboration over the internet. It’s a way that is feasible for me. I travel a lot for my work and I can’t really settle and make a design shop where I take non-toxic recycled materials and turn them in useful stuff, green and with a touch of designer expertise. So if anybody will decide to share ideas, designs, suggestions, they’re welcomed to do so here and all the world can see and learn and apply them in a DIY manner.
    My area of expertise can’t be applied for my blog, I do a lot of research aside my real job to build this collection of useful things and on a side note I am building expertise in design and efficiency with an eco-friendly direction.
    I will soon start to make little projects and present them here as a DIY instructable. My first one will be a pendant lamp that I think looks decent enough and it’s made with recycled materials and a minimal use of non eco-friendly materials (they’re almost everywhere unfortunately).
    You can subscribe to my blog and you’re welcomed to contribute.

    Best Regards.

    • Heyokah ShadowOfLight says:

      Well, I really like your site. Most of my stuff is collections like yours that you and many others thinking the same way can easily find. It is how you think outside the box in using these technologies that will make the difference. Think of the African Ants. Think of self contained pods (villages) having their own food, building materials, sewage and trash processing plants, farms using less water, 10% engineers, 20% tech workers and the rest low end workers. Think of a corporate structure unlike what is in the west or east. A structure based on Islam full functional. Everyone can become a millionaire if he wants or remain a simple person living the life of upper middle, lower middle, or poor. All having two good meals offered to them and their families in a common area good for all, Medical attention, Prayer place, and educational place build to educate people for the level they need not to make everyone a PHD, and Turkish Bathroom for relaxation and health. The system is build on the side of the mountain. Utilize gravity for separation and recycling of sewage and clean water, utilize wind, solar and hydro power for the community and to sell for the outside. Produce methane and solar for moving cars and for stoves from the animal and human wastes. Recycling plants sufficient to utilize its share and take over some of the large city junks to reproduce composites, foam, foam metals, glass, rubber, metals, methane, and water for planting, natural fertilizers. The outside land is recovered from old farming and destruction to green farms mixed with forests green homes and parks. All manufacturing facilities if clean are in the top of the village in the mountain and if potentially dirty in noise or leakage at the bottom of the village and the farm lands. This is a village Allah would praise and protect for the people living in it are living by his law Like peaceful American Indians used to live taking from the land what they needed and keep it in good shape. Taking care of all the weak and help them stand on their feet, treating others like they want God to treat them. Just to clarify myself again for people who might just read this Islam means to give oneself to Allah (Jehovah, God, The God of Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Mohammad, The Great Spirit).
      I am searching to find 7 to 9 people willing to go the adventure with me: 1) Material Engineer. 2) Architect well versed in green architecture. 3) Aeronautical / Design engineer / artist. 4) Electro Mechanical Engineer. 5) Industrial Engineer. 6) Agricultural Engineer. 7) Chemical Engineer ….
      Some of the starting work is not green it is what I call the good Robin Hood effect. Work on producing products you can sell with large profit to the rich and use the money to create the first pod. Incorporate and franchise for creating thousands of pods minimizing global back to local. The effect is creating better village communities with natural treasures reducing migration to big cities, reducing all energies lost in transportation of materials and increasing eco tourism. I have researched this project from the days I was in the US and 8 years while I am in Lebanon trying to figure the systems I learned in the US on the ways of people in Lebanon and how to change them into ways that work for the land not for the corporations. My research included technology, global weather change, conspiracy theories, The Quran, Bible and variants, Jewish books with their variants, The American Indians, the Far east religions, History, Plato, and The infamous Niche.
      Hope we keep in touch and you refer any good people you meet my way. I think in as much I gave you a frame work of what I am looking at without putting the story out in details for unwanted assistance.
      May life be green for all not just the corporation?

      • realthor says:

        I believe you could find those guys you are looking for right there, in Lebanon, there are plenty of talented architects, designers, etc. I wish you luck with your project and perhaps some of the ideas and stuff on my blog will inspire making green, efficient and appealing things everybody.

        If anyone interested in Heyokah’s project post a comment and I’ll make sure you can get in toudh through the email addresses you fill in .

  • Heyokah ShadowOfLight says:

    If any Lebanese or Arabic speaking / want live in Lebanon green lovers with the Heavy experience in Composite Materials, Permaculture, Hydroponics and bio dome agriculture, or in green housing of all sorts. I am planning to start a company and buy a 40,000 Acre piece of land where we can work for mother earth, the under privileged and ultra rich. We would live and build a self contained eco system village on this land and make it a franchise for other locations in Lebanon, Middle East, and the rest of the third world countries. An Anti corporation corporation or you can also call it a goodwill live with Mother Nature company.
    This is not a top notch kind of salaried position as much as a team working for what they believe and living in the conditions they build. Good level of living and having fun is guaranteed. Once the project starts making money then they will have profit sharing in the company. My plan is 12 High end engineers will share in 20-30% of profitable company Depending if we had to sell shares to continue our work, or we were able to survive through my financing. Thanks for letting me use your form.
    I do not know your rules about leaving email for people to post but if you feel this is a pressure on your about area the redirect them to the email in this message beginning with Dheyokah@…..com. It’s been a pleasure knowing you and yes I am subscribed to your form and will put to use many of your ideas.

  • Heyokah ShadowOfLight says:

    PS> I am not only in Lebanon the village project is in Lebanon. I have a US, Lebanese, and working on a Canadian passport where some of the technical shops to support the business will be created. I will be opening shops in Milwaukee USA and in Toronto Canada if I can.

  • Dear Sir,

    Thanks for providing such useful and interesting information.

    Can you suggest some practical tips like assembling and fabrication of mirror dish, source where I can procure plastic fiber, diameter of fiber, GPS tracking device etc. In a country like India Visakhapatnam (18 N and 83 E), if a 1.5 meter dish is used, what is the light output, say equivalent to two tube lights of 40 W each or more ?

    Thanking you,

    P.Nukaiah Chetty,

    • realthor says:

      Sorry, I am not a specialist in solar installations. You should really look for some sort of consulting company that can provide the answers for your specific area.

      Good luck.

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