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February 13, 2007 § 1 Comment

While comfortable and good quality furniture and finishing materials around the house are compulsory, the modern home is an entity that makes our lifes easier and more productive by the means of electronic devices.

I love the sun rays caressing my face in the morning but i’d love the curtains to roll aside the windows when the sun starts rising. A also love the remote commander of my television as it spares the effort to always go and manually change settings and channels but i’d love to use it to remote command the computer also, the home theatre system, the windows opening/closing mechanisms, the air conditioning and so on. The same remote. For turning on and off the lights in the house also. And all these are doable things with nowdays technology.

But there is more to come. Intelligent houses can be accessed through a central server remotely and one can command the microwave, fridge, air conditioning system so that when he comes home everything is in place and he is spared all the effort. In all this comfort, which I use to call confort2.0 – as the next internet experience is called web2.0 and the business that accompanies it is called business2.0- the computer takes the main role.

As far as I am concerned, separate devices to be able to make different automated tasks are not very difficult to get. Even youngs passionate of building remote commanded car-toys are able to build a rolling curtain commanded by a remote commander. The difficult part would be on one hand to unite all these remote commanders for different devices in one single device being able to communicate with all devices and on the other hand the automation part done by a computer software, that can schedule tasks for devices as it does for usual computer tasks. The one thing that should be achieved also is the energy efficiency of a home that has a server running always-on and all other equipment that is needed to run the house.

In these series I will talk about this and present devices and technologies and news on the subject.

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