World’s Cheapest Laptop [update Aug 11 2010][Update Sept 17 2010: shameful again]

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India surpises with $35 tablet

India surpises with $35 tablet

[update at the end of the article and more photos]

India’s Human Resource Development Minister, Kapil Sibal, has recently unveiled a $35 tablet with specs including 2GB of memory, Wi-Fi connectivity, Flash and Pdf support, and, reportedly, powered by “linux”.

I have covered India’s ambitious plans to put OLPC’s $100 wannabe laptop to shame and their first failed attempt. But this time they proved it right. The $35 tablet could go even cheaper with mass production ($20 or even the initial plan of $10). With a touch « Read the rest of this entry »


[Update to update:$35 tablet from India surprises all][Update: scam] India’s 10$ laptop one step closer to the masses

February 1, 2009 § 1 Comment

BIG SCAM from India (nothing resembling a laptop)

[UPDATE: $35 tablet from India surprises all ]

Remmember the initial rumour about an OLPC competitor that could put XO to shame? Some more good news surfaced on The 10$ laptop, which had to resemble somewhere the double price Negroponte’s 100$ laptop got to, actually costs $20, with efforts ongoing to get to the $10 target and is to be revealed in Tirupati « Read the rest of this entry »

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