Minimalism: getting rid of stuff vs upcycling (and not buying new stuff in the first place)

August 12, 2013 § Leave a comment

You are not a minimalist if you are generating so much waste you need to throw away to be left with little stuff. Being a minimalist is about having as little material possessions as possible to live a happy life as much as buying as little stuff you wouldn’t have to dispose of to have less. Being an environmentalist person you know that upcycling beats recycling at energy costs and is of greater value as thinking, craftsmanship and sweat are also involved. Also you should know by now that “there is no away” to throw or dispose of your waste.

I’ve read some time ago that not the minimalism as a lack of possessions state should be pursued but the minimalism in the sense of having the minimum amount of stuff that works for you and helps you achieve your maximum personal growth and spiritual evolution to the degree you want it.

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