Where each city will have it’s fab-labs to build open source everything for its people

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Image source: stephanengl.com

Call me a romantic but I am trying to stray away from corporate world domination rat race and envision a life where communities will take their freedom back by democratizing most, if not all, of their needs and open source is a big part of that world. Fortunately its happening all over the globe, with innovative startups showing that it can be done.

Although we can’t escape the money incentive economic system yet « Read the rest of this entry »


Starting as a fishing chair. Quite like a director chair. But ending up a little more.

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director chair with a twist

director chair with a twist (not the one in the pic)

Designed by Spanish studio Mr. Simon, these chairs can be stacked into a sideboard (they refer to it as a desk), thus serving as a multi-purpose piece of furniture.

Cóm-oda is made from wood and cotton, the chairs detach from the whole and provide additional seating for impromptu guests. « Read the rest of this entry »

DIY air-dried porcelain

August 31, 2011 § 1 Comment

air-dried porcelain necklacePerhaps you’ve stumbled upon one of my previous articles on ceramic lamps and if you read my blog you know that I always try to find great designs which are functional and eco-friendly. That’s why I bash petroleum-based plastic and other toxic materials. Clay/Porcelain  is easier to obtain than glass or metal but it’s still energy intensive while making. Air-Dried Porcelain would be a dream come true for DIYers. Consumerism is a plague these days so anything self-sufficient and sustainable is a blessing.

Originating from Argentina, this Cold porcelain, aka “porcelana fria”, is a « Read the rest of this entry »

Ever dreamed a late dinner cooked with solar power? It might just become real…

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Sun Leftovers for late dinner cooking

After spending some time in Nigeria, where people rely mostly on wood to cook their meals, which  leads to all kind of respiratory illnesses as well as pollution,  MIT professor David Wilson designed a solar cooker that stores the sun’s power in the form of a melted mineral salt which can then deliver the heat for 25 hours at a time with constant  temperatures of above 450 degrees « Read the rest of this entry »

Good news on the mushroom green materials from Ecovative front

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green packaging, compostable car parts

Just want to quickly point this out: ecovative, the company that has developed the green packaging and insulation materials made using mushroom mycelia, and which I have already covered in a couple of blog posts, have made some significant steps to go into mainstream products.

First they have teamed up with « Read the rest of this entry »

Grated soap dispenser promises better sanitation and a happier earth

January 17, 2011 § 1 Comment

grated_soap_equals_better_sanitation_and_a_happi er_earth

Another breed of soap dispenser is born

This is another example of  “why didn’t I think of that”, so I won’t rant much on that but I will at least give credit for this simple but ingenious product and the philosophy behind it to Eindhoven grad Nathalie Stampfli who got inspired by cheese graters and peppermills. Nathalie explains that: « Read the rest of this entry »

My personal BIO-based foam quest has its first positive result

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Biodegradable foam plastic substitute made from milk protein and clay

Bio-based foam to replace petroleum plastics in several applications

I’ve been studying this area of bio-based foam products pretty actively over the last year and unfortunately no good news on this front happened. But this one from Case Western Reserve University scientists in Cleveland, Ohio, developed a new type of bio-degradable foam that could end up in all kind of products including furniture cushions, insulation, packaging, and many other products, displacing the petroleum-based foams that need hundreds to thousands of years to degrade in the environment, leaching many toxic chemicals in the process. « Read the rest of this entry »

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