Minimalist. Just another word for people’s thirst to reach nirvana.

July 25, 2013 § Leave a comment

I’ll  begin making my point by a small retrospective. I started my self-discovery journey by denying everything I’ve been taught with regards to religion. Religion was a main area of education pretty much encompassing all other disciplines with its far reaching arm. But I didn’t want to go to church because I had to. That only sparkled my resentment against it. So I had a break. A long one. I had to discover myself who I was, what to believe in and to what extent my moral state would be inclined toward good/moral and evil. Then I studied the religion I’ve inherited and filtered it through my engineering mind. I am the analytical type with logic dictating my reasoning. I also enjoy philosophy and to a certain extent psychology.

After a few years I’ve stamped “green” on my ethical resume. It was pretty obvious for a person with certain morality to think of the planet, of the land we’re intoxicating, of the air we’re polluting. But there had to be a Word for it. We needed tagging, we needed something else rather than what we already had. We needed a new challenge to keep the passion going on. I will jump forward as I am approaching making my point in the title.

In our stride to elevate our spiritual beings to another level we ultimately have to renounce to be so passionate with our belongings. They keep us there, at the ground level. Our wisdom-seeking minds have other things to care about. Where do I keep my money. What should I do about my house, should I sell now or wait for the prices to go up again. What if somebody scratches my new car in the parking lot. We probably need a bigger house with a proper garage. And so on. When would you have time for the quality of your inner being when all the quality you have lies in the possessions you own. And then another Word was to be born. We needed not only to be ethical and green. We needed to be minimalists. We needed to strive for yet another state where we set ourselves boundaries.

I remember reading the other day about minimalism as being just another form of materialism. It stroked me hard as I was about to embrace this word, to put it there on my spiritual resume I would show up with at the Nirvana Gates. But then I thought again. We continue to invent new words and set yet another boundary where we have to fit in because that wisdom that would elevate us is still missing.

You see, when starting to dance, any person begins by remembering the steps, just like setting boundaries where you need to move. But a professional floats around in a continuous gracious movement that sets him free from boundaries.

That is why I don’t endorse anymore being cataloged as green or minimalist or anything else. I want to be true to my spirit, to break free of the claws of being possessed by my stuff rather than possessing it, to give my mind the space it needs to get wiser.

We all need stuff. The real mastery lies in knowing to balance so it doesn’t keep you behind. A master would dance graciously through life while the rest of us try hard to re-define boundaries because we are incapable to break free yet. We’re still materialists if we think about our possessions.

I just hope that at some point minimalism would come naturally. Not because I want to have 100 things or less, but because I only have enough stuff to be of help in my quest rather than be a burden.

And if that is quality clothes, a fast car, high-tech climbing gear, a piece of expensive art or well designed furniture so be it. Minimalism isn’t about not owning stuff, is about not owning stuff that you don’t use, is about not being owned by stuff.


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