Snapkeys seem to be the holy grail of keyboardless devices

March 29, 2011 § 1 Comment

Snapkeys technology turns virtual keyboards invisible

Snapkeys Virtual Keyboard

I was so amazed by this technology that I had to write about it on my blog. After seeing it briefly on an article that came in my feed reader, it fixed itself into my brain and wouldn’t let go. I’ve spent so much time trying to find an ergonomic keyboard that can be used with one hand or allow typing when jogging or whatever saves time while you are doing other things than staying in front of a computer. And no match whatsoever for this one.

Snapkeys Invisible Keyboard types Bye-Bye to QWERTY antiques

Snapkeys Invisible Keyboard types Bye-Bye to QWERTY antiques

The typing process has been assimilated by 5 graders in a matter of minutes, which makes it even more mesmerizing. Here’s a video on youtube that proves the concept:

Edit: the original video can’t be found any more on youtube, but I have found this one to replace it so that you are still presented a demonstration on perfectcube:

Unfortunately it won’t come as an app, instead the patented technology will come as a part of the mobile and tablet OSes as the developing company negotiates with all phone manufacturers to have it included in the core of the OS. I bet many clone apps will copycat the functionality but they only expect the feature to be rolled out in Q3 this year in some devices. People that already have a tablet will want such functionality so they will welcome any way to bring it to their devices. So do I.

Update: They have changed it quite a lot since the technology was demonstrated back in the 2011. They have probably realized they won’t make it if they don’t go all in app so they did. They have released Snapkeys Zones, a more down-to-earth approach, easier to understand, but also making it pretty similar with the other innovative top alternative keyboards out there, with many dismissing it as a better replacement to Swiftkey or Fleksy. Here’s a new video demonstrating the new approach:

My only wish is that tablets would also implement a back-typing touch-sensitive area on the sides of the tablets so you won’t cover the screen or smudge your fingers all over its sides. Somebody should come with a better idea to implement it. If you don’t have any give me a call. I tend to do a great job at envisioning the future and finding better ways of doing things šŸ˜‰ .

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