Laptop stand for the frequent traveller

March 15, 2011 § 1 Comment

Traveler's "office" - a better way than bed-working

Traveler's "office" - a better way than bed-working

A while back I changed my job  (which involved a lot of traveling) in order to have a few years (no plans to go back to hectic traveller’s life but who knows) of quietness, stability, sense of belonging to a place. I was even asked at the interview why switch, as the current position didn’t suppose traveling. All good. A few months. Too few.

The project I was on was just kicking off and the company needed a boost so they proposed a 3 months business trip to a nordic country. I have gladly accepted it.

Here I am in a company-rented apartment, lying in the bad with the laptop frying my future and all of a sudden thinking of a nice, ad-hoc or collapsible, traveler-friendly solution of laptop desk.

I know I have discussed this matter in a previous article on perfectcube but a bed laptop stand is good for occasional movie watching or short sessions of work. For a more engaging activity one needs to stray away from distraction. A chair, a proper position and optimized space for a laptop and a mouse/graphic digital pen is needed.

A minimalist, ergonomic chair might look like this:


or this (DIY ?):


One might argue about the comfort or even the validity of the product but it’s small, it’s comfortable and ergonomic enough for a few hours in fronnt of the laptop. Remember  you’re already after 8 hours of office work, so unless you’re home-officing it’s enough for a day. These chairs have been proven to keep a good posture and for a limited amount of time they’re the best you can get as size is concerned.

One good laptop stand that I could find on the internet is this one:


It also sports a chair but I would rather switch that for a kneeling version as opposed to sitting on a bike chair for a few hours.

As a traveler you probably don’t want to carry with you much gear, so as little weight as possible is advisable. The table for the laptop should be big enough to accommodate the laptop and  some mouse space but unless it’s carbon fiber and it’s a part of your luggage case you don’t want to carry one. What should it be replaced with? Well, if you stay in a hotel you might use a clamping system to make one  a storage-board from your wardrobe:


It’s most probable that this kind of solutions even exist, one of them being the’s:


, but for a traveler a lighter, aluminium-frame, no-board, clamping system, memory-foam/silicon pads etc is needed. It will most probably has its own case.

Is there anybody there interested to make such a design in sketchup or whatever design software to incorporate all these ideas? I’d be more than happy to post it here as a conclusion of my article. If not, one day I might find time to make a sketch.

If you would like to see such a design here please spread the word, someone might be willing to take the plunge.

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