World’s Cheapest Laptop [update Aug 11 2010][Update Sept 17 2010: shameful again]

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India surpises with $35 tablet

India surpises with $35 tablet

[update at the end of the article and more photos]

India’s Human Resource Development Minister, Kapil Sibal, has recently unveiled a $35 tablet with specs including 2GB of memory, Wi-Fi connectivity, Flash and Pdf support, and, reportedly, powered by “linux”.

I have covered India’s ambitious plans to put OLPC’s $100 wannabe laptop to shame and their first failed attempt. But this time they proved it right. The $35 tablet could go even cheaper with mass production ($20 or even the initial plan of $10). With a touchscreen, whatever technology, I’d buy a dozen to replace my light switches and have them control my house (LinuxMCE anybody?).

With time it will get a better design also, so expect Inidia’s scientiscts to surprise you even further.

India surprizes with $35 tablet

India surprizes with $35 tablet

[UPDATE]Recently The Gadget Gurus got a special hands-on with this $35 Tablet PC . While constantly referring to the device as “the $35 laptop” (from holding it into one’s lap, you know) Mr. Sibal gave the world the following info: it sports 2GB RAM, WiFI and 3G, microSD storage, and it runs the Android OS. With video out and a webcam it’s an Android tablet.

But don’t expect to see this bad boy hit retail too soon: the government wants it available to students and universities in mid-2011 and there are no plans yet for sales to the general public.

$35 Antroid tablet at 1 milion order, India stood up to its promise

$35 Antroid tablet at 1 milion order, India stood up to its promise

Man I can’t catch a brake on bad news on the indians’ $35 tablet. As engadget points out :

India’s $35 tablet has certainly managed to grab plenty of headlines, but it looks like the tablet itself isn’t quite the one-of-a-kind device that it’s been made out to be. As the folks at have discovered, the tablet is apparently just the Speedpad / PWS700HA from Chinese manufacturer Hivision, which was on display at CeBIT earlier this year and, at that point, was said to run about $100. What’s more, says that the Indian government’s recently announced deal with HCL is not actually a deal for the company to manufacture the tablet, but simply to provide an “infrastructure for testing the tablet.” Unfortunately, the one mystery that still hasn’t been solved is whether the $35 tablet will actually be a $35 tablet.

Update (2014/Aug):  the Aakash Tablet came out to actually be a $50 tablet, still the cheapest tablet in the world at the time of appearance:

Keep the prices coming down folks, all people in this world should have cheap access to technology. If only the dark forces in this world would actually care and stop trying to win them over as consumers before they get aware enough or educate themselves enough so they are capable of the necessary critical thinking to be able to dismiss the marketing and the brainwashing that goes on in this world. I guess that would need another, curated-type of internet. A non-profit one.

These days we start seeing Shenzhen tablets that are under $50 for a good piece of hardware, that, apart from the screen quality, can perform as good as any for document reading, education, and also play games and the sort, albeit at poorer quality. See some in the Techzilla’s following video:

The war has started… and China, although it is destroying its environment in the process, it somewhat “forced” to be the first in this space, if it wants to be relevant as a superpower. I sure hope they are investing some of the earned money in clean-tech, so they will be able to cope with the consequences of many tens of years of toxic chemicals released into the air and water streams.

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