Eco-slick: KONNEX shelf system by German designer Florian Gross

March 7, 2010 § 2 Comments

Konnex shelf

Konnex is a shelf system which can be built by sliding different size modules in the slots of the others and create many possibilities of designing a space. Big advantage is that, being modular, the system can be economically transported in a compact size (each smaller cube fits inside a bigger one) and more, one can start with a few cubes and expand as needed, when the wallet supports it.

Simple and effective it just might get to become my favourite minimal shelving system. Together with Mark Kinsleys fold-out graphic wall it would make a killer design if properly arranged. But it certainly overran my previously preferred design wich is the winner of the honorable mention of the 2007 Premio Vico Magistretty, Boxes on the wall by Han Li/Ian Hu.

I didn’t really get it what material is made of and the website opens pages painfully slow so I’ll assume it’s some sort of MDF, hopefully the formaldehy-free sort. Here’s a pic of the thing, for more pictures go to their website if you’re a patient man.

Modular, light and simple to manufacture makes this shelving system a winner

For the lucky ones with a CNC router out there put your home-made thing to work so it’ll pay for itself quicker. Good luck to ya all.

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§ 2 Responses to Eco-slick: KONNEX shelf system by German designer Florian Gross

  • Eydie says:


    I’ve been trying to get through the maze and find out more information on this system. Have you had any luck?


  • realthor says:

    Not much, unfortunately, besides what’s on their website. But for me the pictures here and on their website look pretty self-explanatory. It should be enough for the average DIY-er.

    Cheers and come back for other great, DIY-certified and eco-friendly designs.

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