Eco-friendly + design-minded beanbags

February 11, 2010 § 1 Comment

green ecosak beanbags

ecosak beanbag

For a long time I’ve been watching the green industry on products that are green and well designed so that they will appeal to the masses even if they are more expensive than ordinary products. At least one of the three variables above remained constant among green products and that is the price, which is almost always higher on green products.

Beanbags are products that can be very green, almost 100% green, while usually green products can’t do without fire retardants, foams, paints, etc. But what I have seen around the web are beanbag products that emphasize the looks on one hand and beanbag products that emphasize the ecological aspect of it on the other. My whole blog is about both green and aesthetics, no compromise is accepted if a product is meant for mass acceptance.

I have praised in one of my articles the looks of the beanbag designs over at ambientlounge. And the designs are stunning. It’s a pity they don’t say anything about how eco-friendly those products are, so I draw the conclusion that being eco-friendly is not on their agenda.

On the other hand there is ecosak, a company committed to the environment, using as much as possible organic and eco-friendly materials in their line, donating to worthy causes and open to concerned and I dare to say informed green warriors like myself. That’s right, I had a discussion with Holley Gardel and my God look at her profile at I expressed my desire to have green products as they have but with more design minded lines and also had a few suggestions on replacing the recycled polystyrene filling they currently use, which, although recycled so more eco-friendly than new one, is still petroleum-based and it might off-gas styrene if heated (left in a sunny room, in the sunlight). My suggestion was they use this product I have already mentioned in one of my other articles on eco-friendly foams and she was open to study its feasibility.

I think if they manage to put it in their line of products and also add some more european-style designs (which I hear didn’t caught that well in USA) many people will come and buy their stuff, me included :).

One huge advantage of this rubberized plant fiber material is that it can be vacuum compacted for shipping, which polystyrene beads can’t so it would be a huge save on transportation costs and reducing carbon footprint of the product.

I will continue to follow and make suggestions to green companies that cantact me and if any of you readers or Holley Gardel feel like saying more, please do it in the comment section, I am glad to support green ventures.

ecosak green products

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