contemporary beanbag inspiring designs

October 19, 2009 § 5 Comments

designer beanbags of todays times are luxury and style anybody would like

designer beanbags of today's times are luxury and style anybody would like

I was looking in the past days all over the internet for a green and eco-friendly sofa or lounge but even the greenest options weren’t that green after all. You can have a look at my previous article to see what’s all about. For the easy-readers I’ll just state my conclusion and go on with the article: there doesn’t seem to be a complete green alternative for the very thing that makes sofas comfortable: foam . So where else can you find comfort and style and the possibility to choose completely green materials?

You’re right: beanbags.

But historically beanbags weren’t something classy or to buy and feel proud of it. Their design doesn’t allow for great flexibility in shaping as a sofa does. That’s because you just can’t use such diversity of materials to build a beanbag. They’re just bags. And they somehow occupy lots of space and tend to flatten over half of your apartment when you sit on it. “Historically”.

But not any more. Although the variety of shapes didn’t changed a lot, talented designers came up with beanbag lounges you’d be proud of having. Lots of celebrities do. And TV shows also. Talking about comfort?  “Comfort” is the word that was found among the thousands beans inside it, just like a message in a bottle. Take a look and feel inspired.

The classiest lounge i have found on designerbeanbags and it’s called Fiorenze Leather Beanbag. I couldn’t have described this better: “Opulent European style coupled with the confidence of quality and longevity. Inspired by open spaces, clean living, freedom of mind and creative expression. That’s the spirit of the Ambient Lounge Fiorenze genuine leather range.”

Fiorenze Leather Beanbag makes a luxury addition to the most oppulent crib

Fiorenze Leather Beanbag makes a luxury addition to the most opulent crib

Second but somehow cuter is the Sake Chair designed by Pascal Mourgue which you can find at Ligne Roset:

Cute and very stylish Sake Chair whispers comfort to your eyes

Cute and very stylish Sake Chair whispers "comfort" to your eyes

Last on my short list is the EcoPod Beanbag which is a sort of tub chair with a beanbag cushion. Inmod describes it like his: “EcoPod combines the aesthetic appeal of an iconic design with an industrial strength frame, providing unique eco-modern styling, comfort and durability”.

The EcoPod BeanBag Tub Chair bridges the beanbag concept with the tub chair style

The EcoPod BeanBag Tub Chair bridges the beanbag concept with the tub chair style

The list isn’t very large as you can see but that’s about all I could find on my liking. Should you have any info on other beanbags this stylish and classy other than those presented at the websites I linked above please let me know and if they are up to these ones then I’ll make them a place here on perfectcube.

On a eco-friendly side-note, the possible fillers for an eco-friendly beanbag would be un-popped popcorn, buckwheat hulls, perhaps acorn seed ( oak tree seed) and of course the hardest nut to crack… the macadamia nut -very expensive though, I don’t know if there’s any way of securing large quantities of these nuts in whole or only husks.

For pillows millet husks seem very adequate.

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§ 5 Responses to contemporary beanbag inspiring designs

  • Awesome article! The EcoPod looks fantastic. We produce and sell eco-friendly bean bag chairs at and have just come out with a bunch of new designs and dreamy organic cotton fabrics to improve our line. The new site just went up a couple weeks ago, and we are really psyched about it.

    Not only do we use repurposed foam (i.e. the first-quality scraps from furniture production) for the filling, but we cover them in organic cotton and every EcoSak comes with an organic cotton liner as well. That means you can machine wash (or replace) the covers instead of having to get rid of the whole thing when it gets dirty. Our packaging is about 90% recyclable and the foam pods are vacuum-packed to save on shipping, so we think we’re making steps toward something “green” as far as furniture goes.

    I totally agree with you that furniture production is, in general, not so eco-friendly. But it’s great to see other retailers taking steps to make it better, just like we are. Incidentally, we did offer buckwheat hulls in our first generation kids bags, and may try to do this again in the future. But what people don’t know about buckwheat hulls is that they are *really* heavy! Our little toddler bag weighed about 25 pounds, and not only does that get expensive to ship, but it is also hard to move around and can become a hazard with small children. They are also hard to source, believe it or not. But we are determined to find something similar that can work as an alternative for foam filling.

    Please check out and let us know what you think. We love your blog!

    • realthor says:

      Hi, I have heard about you and I have visited your site and looked for the most detailed info i could find. I appreciate so mush the little green steps the industry makes towards sustainable and non-toxic products but I’m not keen at all on petroleum foam and polystyrene that are soaked in brominated fire retardants and that may release toxic fumes (styrene, a carcinogen) when exposed to heat. I know that buckwheat hulls are heavy and are taxing the environment when shipping but I’d happily buy the cover and liner from you and have buckwheat hulls shipped from close proximity somewhere. I too try to find better alternatives but I put health first and then recycling. Recycling does wonders for the environment but not when it threatens health.

      We must try to cut off from petroleum products by all means because it’s worth nothing the most comfortable furniture in the world if the damage the petroleum industry does to the environment decreases dramatically the quality of life. Children with asthma won’t breath better while sitting on comfortable petroleum-based cushions. They’ll breath better on better quality of air. And all those chemicals added to present products like VOCs or fire retardants just prevent that from happening.

      Do more than even us people ask you to do and we’ll come to you without even being advertised to do so.

  • leather bean bag sofas says:

    A good leather sofa will have comfortable padding, and a strong frame underneath for the best wear and comfort. Eight-way hand-tied springs are the best support for any sofa.

  • Another type is a plastic helmet style,
    with a ridge of bristles as opposed to wheels.
    It also chops them very finely so that you can use it for a long period of time without emptying the bag.
    You get to (or may feel forced to) be outside, but that’s a good thing.

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