Zero Energy Passive Cooler for a greener world

October 16, 2009 § 3 Comments

Evaporative cooler preserves food with zero energy consumption

Winner of the designboom’s green life contest, this project is  (by the author rochus jacob‘s words):

” a transfer and optimization of basic technology mainly used in emerging countries to the high-tech kitchen. Food gets preserved by the cooling effect of evaporating water using no electricity. The system is designed to be stackable, can be used as an alternative for a pantry, second fridge or an advanced fruit bowl. The design could help to reduce domestic energy consumption without radically compromising comfort. The cooler consists of two pots, one placed inside the other. The space between the two pots is filled with wet glass-foam, a waste product of the glass recycling process. I used this material instead of sand in the original version because it soaks in the water quicker and let the whole container become much lighter. The smaller inner clay pot, is covered with a damp cloth that is stretched over the lid. The water contained in the glass-foam between the two pots start to evaporate. By virtue of the laws of thermodynamics, the evaporation process automatically causes a drop in temperature of several degrees, cooling the inner clay pot, destroying harmful micro-organisms and preserving the perishable foods inside. To keep the cooling process active water needs to be added every couple of days, a green indicator highlights this for the user. A full working prototype was realized, by working with professors of physics, using recyclable materials such as glass foam, clay and bio-plastics.”

Thermodynamic Cooler uses passive evaporative effect to keep food fresh for days

Thermodynamic Cooler uses passive evaporative effect to keep food fresh for days

As the author states, it’s not new. Actually it brings a 2002 invention by Nigerian teacher  Mohammed Bah Abba into the XXI century.

Update Feb 23 2010: check out this ceramic dish and herb garden by Peter Bingham, used to cool fruits instead of risking losing their flavor by keeping them in the fridge, also growing herbs and spices in the cooling medium:

HDK Steneby from Peter Bingham

HDK Steneby from Peter Bingham

(via core77)

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§ 3 Responses to Zero Energy Passive Cooler for a greener world

  • […] Perhaps that was designer Måns Salomonsen’s thinking when he designed Cocoon, a hybrid planter/storage unit made of clay  which absorbs water from the fruit and vegetables below. When the water evaporates it cools the shell keeping fruits fresh even longer, which reminds me of another ingenious ideea, the passive cooler, described in an earlier article. […]

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