Provector’s ‘Flower’ adds itself to the artillery against mosquitos. Sweet.

April 20, 2009 § 12 Comments

Provector’s ‘Flower’

Being of national importance in some countries around the world, the battle against mosquitoes is far from over even in the modern industrialized countries but lately more and more weapons emerge and promise an itchy-free life. Provector’s solution is one of the cutest ones proposing a lovely 4 colour flower-shaped deadly weapon. Mosquitoes love colorful flowers that scream nectar death. That’s what Thomas Kollars offers. The 4 colors target different species of mosquitoes and the nectar is replaced by a cool dose of non-toxic environmentally friendly Bt pesticide. As it is targeted only at mosquitoes, the central area is is specially engineered with  tiny holes are only large enough for the mosquito’s tube-shaped “mouth” to get in, spearing other insects.

The device is undergoing tests in Puerto Rico and I’m sure we’ll get news from it.

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§ 12 Responses to Provector’s ‘Flower’ adds itself to the artillery against mosquitos. Sweet.

  • william mc manus says:


  • CJ Marris says:

    How soon can we find these for purchase. I want them yesterday. We’re being eaten alive in Atlanta, now the drought is over.

  • Susan McMillan says:

    Please send prices and details of availability in South Africa.

  • jose boni says:

    if any one knows where to buy this provector flower, please let me know. i need this about ten

  • jose boni says:

    i need provector flower to kill mosquitos, please tell me how and where

  • Burchell Whittaker says:

    I would like to get information about your product for use in Jamaica.
    Please send the info ASAP

  • Mosquito Guy says:

    Hate to be the skeptical one here, but what about mosquitoes that feed primarily on people? Male mosquitoes only feed on sugar, but those aren’t the ones that bite. For many females mosquitoes, that feed on people, they may feed almost exclusively on blood and not sugar. And when sugar is available they may only feed on it once a week. What if other flowers/sugar sources are available that compete with this trap?

    Every year a new technology arises and gets a lot of press, but it never seems to pan out. The best way to control mosquitoes is to be proactive and to manage the sites they are coming from.

    Besides those criticisms I think it is a fresh idea and interesting approach- wish I thought of it. I’ll look forward to seeing those results.

  • Sonny says:

    I am interested in the product for Guam (USA) and Micronesia.
    Please provide sales info. as it becomes available.
    Thank you.

  • realthor says:

    Provector’s Flower costs about 7 to 10 Dollars and it’s friendly bio-pesticide can kill up to 5000 mosqitos over it’s lifespan which is 3 months. They already delivered over 3000 flowers in various communities in Africa in high risk zones and are evaluating the efficiency.

    The source of this info is a featured Inside Africa report on CNN.
    I haven’t found yet where one can actually order them but my guess is that before you will see them in stores they’ll be all over endangered zones by government and other organizations assistance.
    I’ll keep an eye on this subject as it incited so much talk on this blog cause you guys really need a quick answer.

    Best Regards.

  • Patrick muriithi says:

    hi,let me first congratulate you for a work well done.i am a pest controller and i really admired your way of approach to control these deadly pests .
    i am very much interested to know more about is product and how much it costs if delivered at Nairobi ,Kenya or would you be having a distibutor here.
    please ,came back to me soonest possible.
    partick muriithi.

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