zero-energy computer from Fujitsu saves the energy lost by the stand-by state

February 24, 2009 § 3 Comments

zero-energy computer from Fujitsu

Having all these devices around consuming power while in stand-by can make an environmentally conscious person feeling guilty but there’s nothing he can do, except always go and push the turn off button on all of them or manage to get a smart extension socket that can be controlled by remote or whatever.
To fight global warming some companies push the limits on technology and environmental responsible solutions. One of these companies is Fujitsu Siemens who claim to have built the first zero-watt computer on stand-by. So, as the name suggest, these machines will consume zero electricity while still in a state immediately available for administration. Nobody knows how they do it but  we’ll see for sure on 3rd of march 2009 at CeBit in Hanover.

The computer of Fujitsu-Siemens lays within the eco trend of the company, which has introduced a zer-watt PC display that consumes no power while receiving no video signal.

If we extrapolate a bit, we see that this probably can’t be used on all electronics if we want remotes to still work, but in a home entertainment system (stereo, TV, etc), it could easily be fitted on all accessories except one that would catch the signal from the remote, and then when it powers on, that would give the signal to the rest to follow suit. (source)

This trend in electronics will probably scale to other manufacturers and perhaps if some device could harness the power of the infrared beam of the remote this technology could also work for remote-controlled electronics.

[Follow-up 2014]

The goal of zero-watt stand-by power, also called vampire energy, is a hot trend among environmental-conscious circles so it didn’t take long after the Fujitsu announced its tech that another Asian company (from Korea this time), has announced “SAVE PC” technology at the beginning of 2012. The tech should have started being rolled out in March 2012, but, as of yet, I haven’t heard a word about it, maybe they didn’t make it after all or they are working with other tech companies to embed the chip, without yet another device to plug into a wall socket.

The Korean company developed a chip that can completely block standby power by turning off its power switch, which is equivalent to pulling the plug of the PC out of the wall, while still not requiring a battery or still sipping energy for monitoring (albeit minuscule amounts), something that other similar products can’t brag about. The closest I’ve read about is a Japanese University invention that promises a wake-up circuit that utilizes LED generated electricity and requires virtually zero standby power; the circuit starts only when in use.

Read more about the SAVE PC on

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