modern planters collection

February 18, 2009 § 3 Comments

Lately my interest in off-gassing and remedies to the toxicity of modern homes has been expressed in writing an article of useful plants in cleaning air and removing hazardous VOCs.  I thought to compile a post on modern planters so that anybody can get an idea of integrating plants in modern apartments. I won’t comment on neither one, this article has the only purpose of design show-off, so here they are:

PS Mod Home stainless steel base + coated metal containe:

The Lightpot by Shulab Studio:

Windowherbs by ontwerpduo:

Vandenhecke Mélanie’s umbrella stand:

Circle Grass Garden from Metaphys:

Greg Zulkie’s Stitch table:

Gus Modern – Fruit Trough:

Interior Weeds Planter by Arwin Caljouw:

Timeless Garden concept by Francesco Castiglione Morelli and Tommaso Ceschi:

The design above is in such a way built that the reaction between the humid mud in the pots reacts with some metal electrodes generating enough juice to power a LCD clock. No batteries, no toxic heavy metals, no landfill disposal… pure mother nature CO2 free miracle.

If you know of other forms of placing plants inside a modern home, like furniture, nice pendants or whatever don’t hesitate to comment and make the suggestions, otherwise please share this on any of the social networks below:

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