2D turns 3D: laptop stand out of a bamboo plywood sheet

January 14, 2008 § 4 Comments

Dice Yamaguchi laptop-stand

2D package, 3D result for a bamboo laptop stand

Student designer Dice Yamaguchi from California’s Art Center College of Design did a great job when imagined this laptop stand made of a cleverly cut to pieces plywood sheet. I’ve seen this kind of economic (green?) way of making three dimmensional things out of 2D sheets of plywood/metal/etc and I was impressed by the concept. So I am by this one that proves once more that one doesn’t have to use large amounts of material and complicated ways of producing things.

Here’s the picture of the design:

Dice Yamaguchi laptop-stand

2D package, 3D result for a bamboo laptop stand

If you know other links to similar stuff please make a comment and give a link. I love smart design.

(source via treehugger)

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§ 4 Responses to 2D turns 3D: laptop stand out of a bamboo plywood sheet

  • […] write. Although there are many designs out there for a laptop stand ( I’ve already covered one such smart design here but it’s only a desk stand) there was none I have encountered to be multifunctional and to […]

  • eveline says:

    Hi there, Just stumbled upon your excellent blog while looking for enties about my own design, maybe you like this very different but also made in bamboo: ecologic laptop stand I recently designed. see it up close on http://www.greentunadesing.be

    • realthor says:

      Pretty interesting and I must admit I really likethe way the 2 pieces fit together in a flatpack design. From a sustainability point of view, isn’t it a little too thick for holding the less and less massive laptops around? Could it be made so that less material goes into the product?

      And I would have another question: what kind of glue are the bamboo strips held together with? I always emphasize on my blog about the toxicity of the glues the chipboards and all kind of engineered woods are made with so this question comes naturally.

      Thanks for posting here and keep up the green state of mind when designing products.

      • realthor says:

        Hey, thanks for reading my blog. I am not the producer of this design, I just did the designer some PR 😛 for the great idea.
        But there are many designs here on perfectcube that I have tagged as “DIY-certified” and I advise people that can’t afford the real stuff to try and replicate it s a DIY job and perhaps post it back here. It is almost all the times a green design that would help improve lives and I am sure that the designer – if he/she was really concerned about the planet while designing it- would not complain about someone replicating it for himself as long as it is not for a commercial purpose and as long as there will be no profit anyway if that person can’t afford to buy it in the first place.

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