Microbial fuel cell : microbes to the (good) work

August 28, 2007 § 1 Comment

microbe power

Microbes put to work

I’ve heard about water cleaning algae and all kind of weird use of biological structures for things that used to be made of mineral compounds. C’mon, a microbial fuel cell ? What the hell, they put microbes to run in a wheel like hamsters? That’s so cool. Check this out:

“Oregon State University researchers have designed a new air cathode microbial fuel cell that produces 10 times more energy than previously possible from the same size fuel cell. Biological or microbial fuel cells consist of bacteria that consume pollutants, and in the process shed electrons which flow through a circuit to generate electricity. The team, led by Hong Liu, an assistant professor in the OSU Department of Biological and Ecological Engineering, was recently able to produce 1,500 watts per cubic meter of reactor volume. Because the reactor cleans water, as well as produces electricity it has the potential to function not only in permanent treatment facilities, smart homes, and bioremediation sites, but also as a portable center for energy generation and water treatment.”

What about some water tanks in the basement that get all waste water from the building and get some juice out of it before sending it further for better cleaning.

There is still one question:

How much time does it take to clean one cubic metre of waste water?

Because if the time it needs is too long it won’t be feasible for buildings that tend to use much water as the reactors should be very large. But these details aren’t important at this point in the development, I am sure that the researchers will think of this and work it out the best way.

microbe power

Finally there can be some good in these trouble-making bacteria


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