Stream video wireless to the TV

August 2, 2007 § Leave a comment

Teq AVIT's WID110 wireless 2 TVYes, wireless video on my TV seems like luxury for me but the $349 Teq AV/IT’s WID110 wireless gateway / receiver is worth mentioning. It enables any display or projector to receive video signals without wires as long as it knows VGA and also “enables multiple computers to stream video to a screen without any cables,” and allows presenters to carry a few small pieces of hardware rather than a dedicated monitor. The unit plays nice with 802.11b/g, outputs at 1,280 x 768, supports Windows XP / Vista / CE and OS X, is password protected, and even handles video clips in MPEG formats. Reportedly, you can look forward to a 250-foot range outside and a 150-foot range whilst indoors, and while there’s no pricetag readily available, we don’t envision such a luxury coming without a noticeable premium.

I tend to not appreciate software or hardware that is platform dependent and in this case I don’t like the fact that this ignores Linux as a supported OS. Also 1024 x 768 is pretty far from the hyped HD TV’s so when should we expect 1080p ?.

Otherwise it is a step forward in wireless home equipment and another piece of hardware to place inside your intelligent home.

Teq AVIT's WID110 wireless 2 TV


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