roof-mountable unconventional wind turbine

July 13, 2007 § Leave a comment

roof-mountable wind turbine -thmbGraeme Attey from Australia has developed an innovative wind turbine that doesn’t look like conventional generators. It is small enough for house roofs in windy areas or block of flats, as the winds blows at an economically viable speed at higher levels. It has fully enclosed blades that allow more of these to fit onto a particular surface.

Mr Attey says the modular wind turbine is about one meter long and half a meter in diameter and used in conjunction with solar panels a home could generate extra power to then feed back to the electricity grid.

The West Australian Government is helping Mr Attey fund his trials and says it will consider offering householders a rebate to install the system when it’s released onto the market some time next year.

From the ecological point of view, environmentalists should be happy with the low-impact it has on landscapes and perhaps some of them won’t fight it as a threat to birds.

See a picture of it below:

roof-mountable wind turbine


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