Training performance gains from AVAcore’s Corecontrol body temperature deheater

May 9, 2007 § 2 Comments

AVAcore's Core Control Rapid Temperature eXchange (RTX) I have come across a few articles about deheating the body when its temperature raises and you begin to feel uncomfortable and became interested in the subject. I use to make sports and go to a gym and not once I felt like I was catching fire and there was no means of avoiding that as not even going right under the air conditioner helped. Actually ice vests, wet towels, fan-equipped jackets, air conditioning, and so on are quite ineffective at reducing the body’s core temperature as they are working against the body’s natural insulation and heat retention systems.

I’ve ran today into this deheating device made by AVAcore that acts like a glove taking out the body’s core heat more efficient than any ice vests, clothes with fans or wet towels. It was inspired by the regulation of body temperature the mammals have developed to adapt to extreme temperatures. It was concluded that the the pads of the feet, the tip of the snout, and the tongue are very efficient natural radiators that change core body heat with the outer environment.

Core Control Rapid Temperature eXchange (RTX) from AVAcore takes advantage of one of the humans’ natural core-heat exchangers namely the palms. It works by creating a slight vacuum in the palm area so that the blood flow is increased and the low temperature of the handle exchanges heat very efficiently with the blood as the palm is almost fat free so there is poor insulation between the skin and the blood vessels.

While testing the device it was noticed that the body is able to shed core temperature 2 up to 5 times faster than through skin surface cold contact. Also the RTX delivers training performance gains as athletes recorded an endurance increased by 25%, the initial recovery rate increased by 50%, and fat oxidation increased by 15% – meaning the athletes burned more fat than carbohydrates during exercise.

AVAcore is developing a portable device to reverse the effect, helping people in cold environments increase core body temperature (mountain climbers, cold water divers, etc).

I am really happy with the evolution of this kind of performance increasing equipment and if the price will be adequate I am sure many sportsmen will use it. I also believe it could help people in very hot areas of the globe and also people with heart diseases and other suffering people that die with thousands in record hot periods of the summer. And these days come more frequent as the global warming is more and more present in our lives.

I would still like to see a $10 project so even poor people in Africa or the elders could afford it, just as Negrophonte’s $100 laptop strives to bring education to the poor.

Take a look at it below perhaps someone comes with an DIY version:P

AVAcore's Core Control Rapid Temperature eXchange (RTX)



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