Showerhead extension to aerate water drops cuts consumption by 30%

May 2, 2007 § 2 Comments

CSIRO's Air Shower When it comes of begin green most of environmentally conscious of us will agree that we should make everything in our power to cut CO2 emissions. Everybody seems to have gotten the idea that indeed the Global Warming is real and it accelerates faster than we think. I can see all kind of solutions for slowing it down from free-emission cars to green energy being extracted from all possible resources but nothing yet about the water.

Water is the most affected by pollution and we risk to lose it soon if we don’t do anything about it. Ultimately all pollution goes into water. Moreover, the wealthy countries’ use of water is outrageously thoughtless. It’s practically wasted more than 50% of it.

There are some means of using less water like using faucets equipped with sensors that turn it on when the hand is placed under the head and turns it off when you take your hand from under it. There can be many examples but I will stop here with naming them as I’ve got an interesting addition to my list of water-saving devices.

The Aerated Showerhead, developed by Australia’s national research agency, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), manages to use a third less water when you shower, without diminishing the experience in any way. When retrofitted to existing showerheads, the device loads the water droplets with a tiny bubble of air so the result is the shower feels just as wet and strong as before, but now uses much less water. The expected price is somewhere around (AUD)20 .

Using the Venturi technology, CSIRO’s invention uses a “nozzle” that “creates a vacuum that sucks in air and forces it into the water stream”, says Dr Wu , the scientist whose team perfected the technology.

The nozzle that the showerhead extension provides uses a Venturi tube that has different diameters across its length forcing the fluid to change its pressure and speed. This effect is then used to suck air in the partial vacuum created, which is mixed with the water so that very tiny air volumes fill the water stream. Experiments with the aeration device showed that there was no difference detected by people in water pressure and the actual feeling of showering.

Even the press release is not new, you can read it on the CSIRO’s web page and if interested follow the development of the process.


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§ 2 Responses to Showerhead extension to aerate water drops cuts consumption by 30%

  • Shower head says:

    To save water while showering, some people turn on the shower, get wet, turn off the shower, wash with soap, turn on the shower, wash the soap off. Then done.


  • realthor says:

    Yes, totaly agree but only if the bathroom is at a cosy temperature which needs a central heating system. Many people just go and have a shower and they need the temperature in the bathroom to go higher which can be done if the hot water is on at the showerhead. Thus the air around gets warmer and the shower is more comfortable.
    But I guess most people just turn on the shower and keep it on until they finish whether they have an already warm bathroom or not. Perhaps that’s why having such a device is good for everybody.


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