c,mm,n – the open-source car revealed

March 30, 2007 § Leave a comment

At the AutoRAI auto show in Amsterdam it was presented to the audience the first open-source car to delight the open-source supporters and to show the world that community-driven projects work.

All the specs and the project details can be found on their site to be studied. Unfortunately the site is in Duch so for english-only speakers not much luck yet.

You can participate with your own ideas, know-how, creativity and enthusiasm and make together with the whole community the best environmental-friendly car on earth and perhaps some good designers get a better body for it. I don’t know why all these cars have something that would discourage most of today’s drivers that don’t really care on how open-source i is and only now start thinking about zero-pollution or green-energy cars but for sure want a low cost well designed car to get them do their jobs with it.

As green, this one is green, powered by an engine that runs on hydrogen so zero-pollution but at what cost?

Although there are a few open-source car attempts this is the only one that I know to be in a built state and not only a concept.

Here it is what I could get so that you can see what it is about:

c,mm,n open-source car

c,mm,n open-source car

c,mm,n open-source car

That is all I could get for this, until the site gets more attention to make an English version we can only wait.

As usual if you have an opinion share it here in the comments. I’ll be more than glad to discuss this with you.

See you around.


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