becoming homo-web2.0: web services that make a difference

March 22, 2007 § 1 Comment

I’ve written a few articles back about the threat the internet and this all exciting new technologies could be for people that aren’t strong enough to use it only for their needs, to solve certain problems but become addicted and can’t stop reading/playing/wasting time/etc. It’s the case for too many people and we don’t even realize it.

I started to realize I might overuse the computer and the internet when I got the computer eye strain and my eyes had a very bad condition of being able to focus the near objects. But that’s not the only problem. The curse of web 2.0 is that we get access to too much information and we must develop another sense, the sense of picking only the relevant things from the internet, the information that helps us fulfill certain needs and raise our knowledge in a profitable way (in money or knowledge or relaxation or whatever).

Of course one could say that everything out there helps us somehow and I don’t want to try to convince you, I am sure all of you know that many times you read irrelevant information, click links that take you to shitty stuff, you know better.

There are all kind of web services that one can use to make his life better in all this web 2.0 buzz.

You can use the web 2.0 by means of:

  1. reading newspapers and other news you are interested in with online feed readers (thecrunch choses Rojo and Bloglines as best industrial strength application and GoogleReader and FeedLounge as the fastest, from a list containing also Attensa Online, Bloglines, FeedLounge, Google Reader, Gritwire, News Alloy, NewsGator Online, Pluck Web Edition, Rojo)
  2. keeping the schedule with online calendars (wired news makes like follows the best options, in this order: Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, Scrybe, 30 Boxes, MSN Calendar, Kiko, Backpack, Spongecell and Spanning Sync)
  3. to do lists (techcrunch chooses TA DA LIST but the other close competitors are Bla Bla List, Tudu List, Remember The Milk, Voo2Do)
  4. manage the outlines of your tasks or projects with online Outliners like iOutliner or Sproutliner, a sort of supercharged to-do lists, where you are able to describe subtasks of each tasks or all tasks of a project, can store ideas, etc.
  5. make calls all over the world with Skype (I don’t know of a real competitor to this)
  6. use online office tools (computerworld picks up thinkfree as the best online office suite from a list containing Ajax13, Google Docs & Spreadsheets, ThinkFree Office Online, Zoho Office Suite)
  7. Listen to online radios, thousands of them, just give this article on a read or better you can use the radio list in winamp media library.
  8. use online photo organizers like Flickr to share photos with your family and friends.
  9. store your files on online virtual harddisks with, DropBoks, eSnip, MediaMax, OmniDrive, openomy. Choose one after you read this article on extremetech.

I am using for example the bloglines online feed reader. The only trick is that you only register to very specific to your interests sites. I got trapped in all this feeds world and receive hundreds of feeds every day taking too much to read. And I only read the titles until I get to something I really am interested in. Feeds are a great time-saver as they spare you of loading tens of websites and search for the news section, click again, wait to load, search through the plethora of ads, etc. But as I said, they can be an equal time-hog if not properly used. The same happens with all online tools out there.

Even if this all looks like an online Nirvana, i usually use the internet to do things that involve internet. Things I can do on my local system I try to do them locally with open-source software and I only upload files to online storage when I colaborate with others on some documents or I need to work on the same document from different computers and I know i won’t have a stick with me.

There are for sure many other good web services but I will write of them as I start using them. There is a pretty comprehensive list of WEB2.0 apps I have found, you can have a look at it here. That’s all for now.


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