ideea: OLED screen used as a window

March 20, 2007 § 1 Comment

oled sheet thumbnailI bet you know many people that live in apartments with another apartments view or an unpleasant view and if it’s not your case then be sure they dream of a sea-side view with moving waves and sea-birds flying in front of the window.

This dream can become reality soon. As the OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) panels become more and more efficient. I imagine such windows installed in rooms where the sun doesn’t shine the most of a day or when the view is just another building. The server in the home will display on these window-size-screens not pictures but clips with static positioning where the trees will move as the wind blows, the shadows of the leafs will be projected on the floor or the opposite wall, a bird will pass from time to time in front of the window, wou will hear sounds, etc. This atmosferic environment could be achieved with OLEDs, helped probably by other technologies like sunlight-transporting systems. For example, as I don’t know if OLEDs alone can be so bright on specific areas to simulate a front-view of the sun or reflections from the sea, this effect can be helped by such a system to focus the outdoor light from the back of the screen (see also in these images how bright that means).

Here is a quick sketch of what I mean:

OLED window sketch

Of course this sketch has many shortcomings like there is no immersive landscape, when you move or get closer to the window you don’t see the hills or the sea that was hidden by the boundaries of the window, then I don’t know how could one multiply the brightness of the sun in more than one window because if two persons stay in front of two different windows each of them should see the sun but one third person staying a little behind would see many suns, one on each window.

After some more research perhaps i’ll learn that some of the shortcomings can be solved or already are somewhere but I simply don’t know.

I am curious of what you, the visitors, have to say about this ideea. Please make a comment, I am lacking these here which sometimes gets me feeling like giving up.

Anyway, enjoy:) .


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