Siemens’ Ostar LED takes the lead on brightness

March 19, 2007 § 1 Comment

Siemens SuperBright LEDI wrote a few weeks ago about LED(Light Emitting Diode) bulbs as the new era of low-energy lighting but concluded sadly that LEDs are still not bright enough to really change the whole bulbs in the house, not only the side-lamps or some pilot lamps on the alley. Now Siemens comes to prove me wrong with this marveling 1,000 lumens/ 1 square millimeter.

Siemens explains:

The Ostar Lighting LED, which will be launched on the market this summer, can provide sufficient light for a desk from a height of two meters, for example. Its small size also enables the creation of completely new lamp shapes. A lumen (lm) is the unit of measurement for the amount of light emitted by a light source. A 60-watt light bulb emits 730 lm, while a 50-watt halogen lamp has an output of approximately 900 lm.(source)

No rumor on the price but as experience shows (the LED bulb I’ve talked in the previous article was 65$), it is going to be wallet-burning. I am sure though that as global warming heats up on the political scene and capital ventures pour money in energy-saving start-ups the bright of the LED bulbs will be increasing so that we can see the smaller prices;) .

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