Trapped in the WEB – too much internet

March 12, 2007 § Leave a comment

real life VS e-lifeI am becoming more and more conscious that I am spending too much time browsing the internet. Many do. The bad thing is that we are trapped in the WEB too much time until we find the relevant information we are searching for and most of the time we just can’t help reading all kind of stuff not necessarily related to what we’re interested in.

This isn’t the biggest threat to our precious time. Since i’ve started to use feeds I tend to use too much time reading all kind of news with no real gain and that’s bad. All the marketing that competes on the user’s time just hurts our life quality. I agree that things evolve and everyone out there tries to get the web experience as pleasing and time-saving as possible but are we conscious of that? Perhaps we can not set some limits to avoid hurting ourselves. That’s why I write now and let this message float on the internet.

We become addicted with technology, especially the internet and become more and more some virtual acquaintances to too many unknown people, we hide under some hero-avatars and neglect our real lives.

One advice I would give everybody that feels the same is:

“Use the internet carefully and try to maximize your real life’s beauty cause there is no comparison between an e-life, faceless and cold with the real life, with emotion, smell, tactile sense and joy. “


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