Report shows how a 30 inch screen offers measurable productivity and efficiency gains

March 11, 2007 § Leave a comment

Apple’s 30 inch screenA controversial new study funded by Apple claims that an upgrade from a 17-19 inch monitor to a high-quality, high-resolution display 30-inch screen results in extreme increases in productivity. With the price of flat-panel displays dropping, high-resolution 30-inch displays such as Apple’s Cinema HD Display (or 30 inchers from Dell and HP), are now available for US$2000 – a viable price at the consumer level and a bargain for video production or professional image editing. As we have discussed many times before, the additional “screen real estate” is a very good way to boost overall productivity, even in very common tasks that have little or nothing to do with highly specialized professional applications. Now there’s another study that concludes that using a large screen translates into measurable productivity and efficiency gains. The ROI calculations are interesting indeed – if you charge US$100 an hour, based on average productivity gains, you’ll pay for your monitor inside four months. Then you could always link together two, three or more big monitors (via Gizmag).

Having experienced the blurred vision or computer eyes strain in the past week, getting me on a medical leave for more than a week, I completely understand the productivity gains of the large screen monitors. If I simply consider that my eyes are more relaxed and I don’t have to force-focus my eyes on little letters and drawings it’s a tremendous step forward. Anyway you only give this issue complete credit when this happens to you.

So take great care of what you bring in front of your eyes because as you try to eat healthy to stay healthy the same you should care of what quality of images you bring in front of your eyes.

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