Ingeious ideea: pasta fork

March 6, 2007 § Leave a comment

If you always struggle to get the right amount of pasta on your fork when eating the delicious food, this pasta fork is for you. The gourmet fork that twirls the pasta for you works so simple by sliding your fingers down the spiralling handle and the fork will do the job.

Useless tool? Or built for the stupid and lazy? I don’t think so and even if I’m not going to buy one (or two, as they are packaged for 19,50 on presentformen) this is something i’d buy from the store for a normal fork price.

You decide for yourselves if the idea is good and if you’d like not to think anymore how to get that pasta on your fork and instead to focus on the taste of it and perhaps on taking your eyes from the plate and having a chat with the dinner guests.

Here’s the picture:

pasta fork

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