green furniture and house appliances made of bamboo

February 28, 2007 § Leave a comment

bambooTMBI hate the marketing smell wherever I see written “buy sustainable furniture” or “sustainable wood”. It’s not that I am against sustainability in every aspect of our lifes but it’s a lot of buzz for nothing. This is at least my opinion.
Wood is sustainable if we take care of the forests, if we can guarantee it’s normal cycle of life without overexploiting forests. Allover wood is sustainable, as well as solar energy or biomass. So why this hype on words that lure us to buy things from certain sources because they are “sustainable”.
On the other hand furniture shouldn’t worry us because it’s not the main polluter and the main player in deforestation. Other industries kill the woods not furniture. Perhaps media with all the paper it swallows.
Furniture is a durable thing if taken care of properly and it can last dozens of years. It’s just the design trends that get us to change our furniture, throw away the old one, instead of recycling it or recondition it and sell it. That’s why I believe that a good design is a design of furniture sets that can adapt and transform without much slog and financial effort.
There is one species of woody material though that seems to get closer to “sustainable” as exploitation intensifies and that’s bamboo. Why woody material
?:)) It’s because bamboo is not wood, it’s a species of grass that varies much as form and color, from tiny to huge and as color from lime green to maroon stripes.

Wikipedia says that:

Bamboos are a group of woody perennial evergreen plants in the true grass family Poaceae, subfamily Bambusoideae, tribe Bambuseae. Some of its members are giants, forming by far the largest members of the grass family.

There are 91 genera and about 1,000 species of bamboo. They are found in diverse climates, from cold mountains to hot tropical regions.[…]
Established bamboo will send up shoots that generally grow to their full height in a single season, making it the fastest growing woody plant. Several subtropical bamboo species can grow 30 cm (1 foot) per day, with some species having been documented as growing over 100 cm in one day. For the species most widely cultivated in gardens, 3ā€“5 cm per day is more typical. A newly transplanted bamboo plant can take 1ā€“2 years before it sends up new shoots (culms) and will have many seasons of “sizing up” before new shoots achieve the maximum potential height for that species.

So it’s no wonder that bamboo has become the environmental designers’ prefered “play-toy”. One can make out of bamboo from decorative objects to window blinds, flooring, furniture or one could simply build his whole house out of it.
At this growth rate it seems to me that in the exploitation conditions nowdays it is the most likely to win over its competitors but with one condition: let it be green, meaning respect his life cycle, no pesticides, no tricks for money. This is going to happen only with strict regulations, considering the greedy nature of man but even so it’s going to be great as long as nature isn’t overexploited.
After the furniture gets into your house don’t mistreat it, take care of it and you’re going to like it longer. When purchasing new furniture try to get something that’s durable enough to resist some repairs without much trouble and after you’ve got enough of it try to recondition it and sell it further. Instead of throwing it in the landfill you can better try to find it a new home throgh local papers, craiglist, ebay or consider including it in your next backyard sale.
So enough making lobby on bamboo stuff, let’s see some pretty pictures of what one can get out of it:


I am sure these aren’t the only examples and i’ll add more as I find them.

Ok, I am back again,here are some more:





That’s it for today. Expect soon new additions.

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