designer focus: Hannah Allijn

February 27, 2007 § Leave a comment

Hannah Allijn Faced Curtain ProjectIt’s surprisingly how impressed I can be of things that get out of the ordinary, things we consider dull or that pass away unnoticed. This time the curtain is different , it gets everybody’s attention, transforming a flat object to a 3d spacial construction that reveals a whole world within.

I don’t want to get this description too long as the image makes a thousand words and i’ve only spent a few of them 😛 . See it here:

Hannah Allijn Faced Curtain Project

The designer tells about the courtain:

A new system to use as a curtain. My idea behind it is to eliminate the colossus which arise when curtains are opened. The challenge is to change a big surface into a small form in different ways.

Playing with forms and positions. From large to small in different ways.
Born out of irritation with the heavy, massive curtains which absorb the light even when they are open.

Pull the cords beside the curtain and the curtain will begin to move. The triangles are fold together one by one. The curtain forms and changes all the time, it becomes alive. Geometric shapes are formed. Untill the form will be stopped in the corner. A weight will unfold the form after releasing the cord.

All in all I was very impressed by the ideea and that actually a curtain can look as good as this and I wish Hannah Allijn the best and perhaps, when this place will grow popular (hoping one day…), she’ll be so kind to leave some comments here.

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