designer focus: Egil Jansson

February 27, 2007 § Leave a comment

One more piece of artwork that steps out of the crowd is this paper art from designer Egil Jansson. A former boilermaker, as his all family, Egil has spent many years in art schools and he left metal for paper.

I’ve found this piece of art at Wonderwall, a sweedish art magazine. Here’s what he sais about his creation:

My work is a corner piece. You could say it’s a corner poster. It’s folded by hand”

I can’t stop being astonished in a way of the ease of transmitting a feeling of something great, something that is so big that makes your room even bigger. It’s like a huge construction that fits in your apartment, making it appear large.
As the designer in the post before, this whitish color just makes it special and I can’t but express my admiration and put it in my virtual home as a reminder to search for such a thing when I will have a real one of my own.

Until then, perhaps you can take a ride at Wonderwall and buy a piece for yourself. If you ever do, send me a picture of your corners. It’d be a nice experience.

One corner we already have in the picture below:

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