Tags are NOT categories -Crits to Wordpress.com-

February 26, 2007 § Leave a comment

Categories and Tags are DIFFERENTCarthik Sharma, in the Tags are Not Categories article, points out a very frustrating WordPress.com confusion, stating loud and clear that categories are not the same with tags, and he’s got a good point.

Categories organize, hierarchically. Tags need not. Tags provide meta-information, Categories need not. Tags cross-connect, Categories do not. By cross connect, I mean, when you go looking for posts tagged with “Flickr? on technorati, you find posts from various sources, all about Flickr. Now if you go searching for posts tagged with “administration? in technorati, you will find everything from system administration tips to posts regarding the NASA, the NSA, and general verbiage – largely due to poisoning from people who can’t get the difference between tags and categories straight, for the most.

Get your semantics right, wordpress.com folks – please If you don’t you are doing a disservice by poisoning so many indices that work by means of tags. Earlier today, for the nth time, I ended up with a wordpress.com blog as the result, and the entry was totally unrelated to what I was searching for on IceRocket.

And technorati, shame on you for saying

“A tag is like a subject or category.”

If I were in the business of earning my subsistence from the concept of tagging, I would try hard to make a distinction between the old and the new that I am offering, and to elucidate the advantages and novel uses of tags.

I am getting sicker and sicker of this confusion. I don’t want my tags to appear as categories on my wordpress.com site and that’s for two reasons:
1) categories are a good way to split the content in a few big subjects and not 500 subjects. No site should speak about more than a few subjects.
2) form an esthetical point of view I don’t want my sidebar to flow 3 screens down.

I’d like to have a tag cloud or something for the tags on my site but definitely I don’t want the 5-6 categories I speak of to become mixed up with the tags I assign to my articles. And I don’t want to rely on tricks and work-arounds. I can but I’d prefer not to.

Meanwhile, No Title from the wordpress community on wordpress.com gives a quick solution as a Greasemonkey script that adds a button in the post editing panel as the picture below shows:

GreaseMonkey TAG Option printscreen

If I only knew how to use greasemonkey… . This part in the next article about Using tags on WordPress.com .

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