Sunlight inside no direct-sunlighted rooms

February 25, 2007 § 6 Comments

Sunlight inside your direct-sunlight deprieved room

Let there be light...even there where sun never shines

This technology is on my interest-list for a few months but I lost track of the subject and forgot about it until now. Trying to find an interesting subject I’ve remmembered about it and started searching the web. Even if the first time I’ve encountered with this sunlight transportation system I’ve only learned a few things, today’s net ride got me much more accustomed with the subject and I am content with the new things I’ve discovered.

Of course I’ll share them here :).

So, most people believe that a room full of daylight can be achieved only where the sun directly lits the space through the windows. Not true. With fiber optic cables, it’s now possible to make a windowless basement feel like a glass-encased penthouse and the feeling is touching.

The sunlight not only takes part in our metabolism processes, helping our bodies build essential hormones, but makes these homes more energy-efficient, helping the environment in a period when everybody is concerned with the climate warming and the green gas pollution.

Of the ones I’ve seen, I’ve been most impressed by Parans and Sunlight Direct.

Parans, a sweedish company, has developed a system of rooftop solar panels that collect sunlight and then transport it through fiber optic cables to illuminate light-deprived rooms inside a house. The light emitting lamps (luminaries), which hang from the ceiling like lamps, give off a mixture of parallel light beams and ambient light, which changes as the sunlight outside changes, resembling the dappling of sunlight through trees.

Parans sunlight transportation system

The version 2.0 of this revolutionary technology is a hybrid between a solar-driven lighting system and and an electrical lighting system based on fluorescent lamps. The system works in tandem: sensors read the sunlight intensity in the fiber optic cable and decrease the intensity of the electric fluorescent lamp while the sun is bright and increase the fluorescent lamps’ lighting intensity whe the outside light drops (a cloud covers the sun) keeping thus a constant light intensity in the room.

For comparison, a hybrid electric lighting system – fiber optics lumminary is able to offer 1300 lux while the separate parts could offer 300 lux for the fluorescent lamps and 1000 lux for the natural light system as the video below shows:

Here you can see a video article about this sunlight transportation systemsystem that explains in detail the process and you can get a better ideea of what this is about:

On a Do It Yourself side note there are a few experiments out there but if you’re thinking about making a sun pipe yourself why not consider a chrome mirror-like finish on some metal pipe that runs straight from the roof to your ceiling (read more on this perfectcube article).

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§ 6 Responses to Sunlight inside no direct-sunlighted rooms

  • girishwar says:

    i am from india and your concept is very interesting. i am keen to implement it for my office. has this been implemented anywhere successfully ?

    • realthor says:

      As far as i know this can be implemented by 2 ways:
      1- sunpipes
      2- optical fiber light transport systems
      You can google for it and find as many info as you are willing to read. I am much more interested in the second one but as long as they don’t come with some cheap plastic optical fibers that can transport light at least 20-30 m i’ll wait for it.

  • Josh says:

    I’ve been reading your blog once in a while and decided to reply for the first time, thank you for writing all of this.
    love it!

  • Rajan says:

    I am from India we are interested in your Hybrid lighting with Optic Fibres, Pl reply to my mail id for more details

    • realthor says:

      I wonder why I always get quotation requests. I think it’s pretty clear that my blog is an informative blog that offers inspiration for design and earth-loving people out there. So 🙂 I am not a reseller of any of the products I present on my site. Usually there’s a link or at least one of the keywords of the post should lead you to what you’re interested in.
      I hope this helps,

  • erwin chase says:

    were can i get a system?

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