Foxmarks – bookmark synchronization between multiple computers

February 24, 2007 § Leave a comment

FoxmarksNeat. I don’t actually use and I stumbled over this Firefox add-on which looks very nice. So all bookmarks I have on different computers from now on I will be able to access from everywhere. This really is something I wanted for a long time.

What I was really impressed with was the way the service created my user account, web2.0-ish totally, without getting me to the site, where I should have found my way to create an account but simply opening a dialog window which drove me through the rest of the account creation process.

Comparing with the famous online bookmark service mentioned above,, using Foxmarks have a number of advantages that you can’t do so well with web-based bookmarks that you can with browser-based bookmarks: drag ‘n drop, folder hierarchies, toolbar layout, item (re)ordering, opening in tabs, etc.

One more nice thing about Foxmarks is that the internet’s speed still isn’t as fast as one could update his bookmark hierarchy in his browser and at least for me it is pretty annoying the time – even if it’s only a few seconds – for these updates to process. If only the Foxmarks servers would synchronize with my bookmarks everytime I close my Firefox, just before it shuts down. Then it is pretty sure I am leaving the computer and I might need my bookmarks on another one. Wait!. It can, see the picture below.

Foxmarks screenshot of the syncronization options

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