Blender 2.43 Released

February 20, 2007 § Leave a comment

splash Blender 2.43 starrynightOne of my favourite 3D software freely available (as it is an open-source software), Blender has reached version 2.43. Even if there’s nothing much I can do in this – capable otherwise – 3D software (see Elephant Dream project), I have it in my view for some time and it comes closer with each release to the commercial 3D giants. Perhaps not the same thing but more and more 3D graphics and animation studios adopt this open-source tool and integrate it in their workflow.

Also many architects and all sort of designers resort to it and I myself plan to learn it good enough to be able to produce architecture and interior design visualizations. There are also some scripts that extend the software’s capabilities the CAD way but the difference between a mostly art-oriented 3D software, which relies on surfaces, and a CAD tool which uses mathematical volumes.

For all the amazing new features take a look at the blender release page . I couldn’t stop reading and wathing video demos of the new features.

If you don’t know what blender is capable of then take a look at the blender gallery

As far as I am concerned the renders that get my attention are the interior design/ architecture or CAD style renders/projects and here are some pics that show the power of blender :

interior design

Blender3D bathroom render

Indigo Room


I must still specify that most, if not all, of these images are rendered with the Yafray render engine, which is also free software (open-source) and is bundeled within blender3D for some time, working side by side with blender’s internal render engine. Both are good but yafray seems to me more capable as this is the purpose of the software since blender’s internal render engine is still faster but doesn’t produce equal quality renders.

All the images above can be found on blender’s website archieve and the last one on Yafray’s gallery page. I urge you to take a ride through these images and see the whole potential of these 2 open-source tools as i’ve presented only some images I liked as being connected to my interests but you may find other pictures appealing too.

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