a home and a computer

February 16, 2007 § Leave a comment

For a while I must admit that I spend more time in front of my computer than anywhere else in my home (excepting sleeping:P). Actually I got at the conclusion that I pay for cable TV almost for nothing. I started wondering why is that and I realized that when I go home I usually can’t wait to turn on the computer and lay in bed, perhaps listen to some music, have a cocktail (usually non-alcoholic), start IM-ing with friends, perhaps Skype and check for news.

I would say that the computer and the internet offer us about half the confort we need in our homes. We like to socialize and limited by work-time, fatigue or lazyness the internet keeps us connectd in the confort of our homes. What about television? Well, I would considering it of the same importance as the computer if it ran through a TV tuner and I was able to swich from watching it on my computer screen to watching it on the TV screen when I find something interesting. Radio? There is internet radio.

At least for us men, electronic devices and gadgets are of the same importance as the purses and make-up for ladies. They are part of our personality, a sort of extension we got used to live with and feel unconfortable without. But confort with gadgets mean as few visible wires as possible. Personally I would like to take the internet access, TV and telephone from the same cable but wouldn’t mind having all these cables pluged in a home server/router which then serves the TV signals to the other TV’s in the house through a well masked cable (as long as TVs seldom change place I don’t mind a cable), servers the internet wirelessly to my home network (my laptop, my desktop – could also be wired connection-, perhaps other friends’ laptops as they come over from time to time), serves the telephone or an VoIP service wirelessly to registered phones (mobile or DECTs) in the house so I could use my regular phone to call over the internet.

All of these technologies exist at the moment at some cost and I’ll make some research to find out what are the options. Only an instantly-On computer still breaks the confort of computers. Perhaps Magnetic RAM…


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