smallest coolest apartments 2006

February 9, 2007 § 1 Comment

One very sweet thing, one that I am pretty passionate about, small apartments that look great, that are spacious, friendly and warm. This is an architecture niche that few were willing to get into. It is not that trendy, it is not that hot, it’s not only about spaces and being able to choose, it’s more difficult to do things right, it’s like those perfect caravans that astonish both as design and space ergonomy.

Style and functionality, when these two come hand in hand, that is where my mind is set to and yesterday’s such place . This place is full of nice small apartments where anyone can get an ideea for his small home. Let’s see some great stuff:

Shauna’s More Dash than Cash

James & Margaret’s Iconic Studio


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  • realthor says:

    Thank you and I am glad you like my blog. I don’t post 10 times a day only to have content and rise my rank in google or smth like that. I only post when something really nice impresses me and the potential of the featured subject is high enough for a buying or Do It Yourself job.

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