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January 19, 2007 § Leave a comment

I am very design savvy all the time looking for something good, something usefull, something that’s both nice and user neutral when it comes of websites and user interfaces. As a matter of fact web sites are just interfaces. I am for quite some time looking for a presentable wordpress theme as I’ve studied WordPress code and it is my ‘CMS’ of chioce and very few of them are appealing to me. That’s because I am looking mostly for CMS and Portal looking wordpress themes and i didn’t find many like that.

While I was registering here on wordpress.com I’ve run into some nice designs.

1. WordPress.com

This website just shows that wordpress blogs can look good. So simple yet efective, the interface impressed me and I wish the themes inside would be able to look loke that.

2. ma.gnolia.com

Especially ma.gnolia.com/bookmarks, which was the page i’ve run into looks also simple and neat and i love that. Even if I like designs a little more heavy than that it still looks good and is very usable.

3. kaushalsheth.com

No, I’m not talking about this site’s layout but some of the themes it shows up under the wordpress themes/ theme viewer are really great. Check out these ones:



Blue Leaves





Actually the Prozac theme appeals to me because I like the way the content wraps to the full width of the layout and can be tweaked to look really good.

Abstrakt is beautiful while the 3c variant of it can look even better if the 2nd column had a coloured background and held mostly graphics so that the text doesn’t seem to touch the right and left sides which reallz makes it difficult to read.

Blue Leaves and Transparentia look very profesional in their simplicity and may appeal to many but for me a third column on the right and some nice graphics, images, coloured stuff would have caused them to look even better.

Exquisite looks nice the only thing I dislike are the tabs that look too square and not finished.

Accidentaly the indigo theme left last but actually I start liking it more and more. It’s fluid, it’s header looks really great with the links-menu on the right, the sidebar is arranged very profesionally, with each item indented under its parent. Perhaps I would have enjoyed it more if each sidebar widget would have been framed stylishly to separate each section and make it easier to spot.


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