World’s Cheapest Laptop [update Aug 11 2010][Update Sept 17 2010: shameful again]

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India surpises with $35 tablet

India surpises with $35 tablet

[update at the end of the article and more photos]

India’s Human Resource Development Minister, Kapil Sibal, has recently unveiled a $35 tablet with specs including 2GB of memory, Wi-Fi connectivity, Flash and Pdf support, and, reportedly, powered by “linux”.

I have covered Indians’ ambitious plans to put OLPC’s $100 wannabe laptop to shame and their first failed attempt. But this time they proved it right. The $35 tablet could go even cheaper with mass production ($20 or even the initial plan of $10). With a touchscreen, whatever technology, I’d buy a dozen to replace my light switches and have them control my house (LinuxMCE anybody?).

With time it will get a better design also, so expect Inidia’s scientiscts to surprise you even further.

India surprizes with $35 tablet

India surprizes with $35 tablet

[UPDATE]Recently The Gadget Gurus got a special hands-on with this $35 Tablet PC . While constantly referring to the device as “the $35 laptop” (from holding it into one’s lap, you know) Mr. Sibal gave the world the following info: it sports 2GB RAM, WiFI and 3G, microSD storage, and it runs the Android OS. With video out and a webcam it’s an Android tablet.

But don’t expect to see this bad boy hit retail too soon: the government wants it available to students and universities in mid-2011 and there are no plans yet for sales to the general public.

$35 Antroid tablet at 1 milion order, India stood up to its promise

$35 Antroid tablet at 1 milion order, India stood up to its promise

Man I can’t catch a brake on bad news on the indians’ $35 tablet. As engadget points out :

India’s $35 tablet has certainly managed to grab plenty of headlines, but it looks like the tablet itself isn’t quite the one-of-a-kind device that it’s been made out to be. As the folks at have discovered, the tablet is apparently just the Speedpad / PWS700HA from Chinese manufacturer Hivision, which was on display at CeBIT earlier this year and, at that point, was said to run about $100. What’s more, says that the Indian government’s recently announced deal with HCL is not actually a deal for the company to manufacture the tablet, but simply to provide an “infrastructure for testing the tablet.” Unfortunately, the one mystery that still hasn’t been solved is whether the $35 tablet will actually be a $35 tablet.

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